10 Most Common Sawing Tools

rikon band saw

Don’t feel like going outdoors today? I understand you. Sometimes the thought of going out to be productive sounds exhausting. But I have good news for you! You can still be productive by staying at home and getting busy with these tools instead!

Basic Handsaw


Making basic cuts? Use the ol’ reliable wooden saw that has changed the woodworking world! This iconic tool is easy-to-use and requires no electricity to operate. It’s simple, straightforward, and trusted by many.


Recycle plastics and metals and shape them into something new with a hacksaw! This handsaw has a fine-toothed blade tightened in a C-frame. It can also cut aluminum and softer metals.

Coping Saw

If you’re an artist, you’ll love this saw. It’s simple but beneficial when cutting both wood and metal thanks to its interchangeable blades. The coping saw’s most loved feature is its power to detach the blade and thread it through a drilled opening to trim inside profiles.

Japanese Saw

You know it’s a Japanese saw if it has a thin blade with rip teeth on one side and crosscut teeth on the other. This is perfect for cutting dense wood, making it easy for you to finish whatever project you’re working on. The Ryoba Japanese saw is the most useful and preferred style.

Circular Saw

Electric circular saws can either be a sidewinder or a worm drive. The former’s motor is fastened directly to the blade and is lighter. Compared to the other, it has less torque. The worm drive circular saw has sufficient torque that allows it to cut through wet concrete and lumber. Get your circular saw from SawingPros today!

Table Saw

A table saw can be used to bevel, miter, rip, and crosscut. Owning this is such a huge advantage because it can be used for almost every woodworking project. However, it’s not portable because of its size. Still, you’ll love how versatile this saw is and how easy it is to accomplish projects with this.


Need to design wood with irregular and intricate shapes? Use a jigsaw! This baby can cut a sheet of plywood and polycarbonate. It’s the tool for those who are bored with straight lines. If you’re in the mood to be creative, this saw is ideal for you.

Oscillating Saw

This versatile saw is loved by carpenters because of its vibrating blade that’s beneficial for making accurate cuts in a limited space. This power tool can rasp, cut, grind, sand, scrape, and polish with ease.

Band Saw

rikon band saw

Working with metal or wood? Use a band saw! It operates quietly and has a powerful cutting ability. It’s the best saw to use in the middle of the night. It’s popular in woodworking, metalworking, and lumbering.

Miter Saw

Last but not the least, the miter saw can also help you get busy by allowing you to cut custom angles. This type of saw can either be handheld or electric. Electric versions of the miter saws are ideal for trim work and molding.