Top Reasons to Visit Glasgow

If you haven’t been to Glasgow, now is a good time to plan your trip and go. Scotland’s largest city offers a lot of fascinating attractions. Not to mention its being a UNESCO City of Music which makes it automatically a major point of interest for music lovers. Musical scene aside, the city is teeming with so many things that will surprise you in a lot of pleasant ways. Here are some of the best reasons why Glasgow should be your next destination.

Lots of FREE Things to Do
You can experience a lot of unforgettable things in Glasgow without breaking the bank. The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, the exhibits at the Gallery of Modern Art, and the Riverside Museum are just some of the city’s top attractions you can visit for free. From art and culture attractions to breathtaking nature scenery and a lot more in between, Glasgow has no dearth of interesting things to explore and discover for free.

Eye-catching and impressive architecture
Diverse, eye-catching, and impressive, Glasgow’s architecture is one of the most captivating things to see around the city. Victorian buildings, the distinct Glasgow Style of the 20th-century, and futuristic structures are among the things you will find when you take the time to explore more of the city.

The street art scene
Glasgow has a vibrant street art scene. So it should come as no surprise that it now has a City Centre Mural Trail. Follow the trail and you will find a wide array of spectacular works of street art like the floating taxi at Mitchell Street, The Gallery at Argyle Street, and the Strathclyde University Wonderwall among others.

Food & drink
Eating and drinking in Glasgow is a delightful experience in itself with plenty of culinary offerings for all types of eaters. From traditional Scottish cuisines like haggis to Asian, Italian, and other international cuisines, the city has an extensive selection of delicious foods to choose from. Not to mention great tasting whisky and other drinks. Head out to some of the Indian eateries and restaurants to have some of the great tasting curries in the UK.